Get Prepared for School

Step 1

Check your school bus route

You can check the bus route of your school by visiting the website school routes page

Click to visit

School Routes
Step 2

Fill in the school application form

This is the application for the provision of services in Nicosia and Larnaca school units for the transport of students to and from school

Click to visit application form

For Nicosia


Click to visit application form

For Larnaca
Step 3

Top-up your school card or apply for a new one

For your convenience, school card top-up can be done online through our website with just a few simple steps

Top-up now

Note: For the first top up of your card please visit a sales point

For Issuance of a new personalised card, please download, fill in, and return the application form printout to one of our sales points. Please read the Terms of Use.