5G Wi-Fi connection in all buses and stations of Cyprus Public Transport

As 2022 is here, Cyprus Public Transport has already started implementing its plans to further upgrading its services, now offering Wi-Fi connection via a 5G network, available in all buses and stations in Nicosia and Larnaca. The company presented at a press conference on 27/01/2022 this innovative initiative which is a first for Cyprus at the level of the entire fleet and which stands out in Europe as well. CPT’s aim, as always, is the best possible experience for the passengers and the modernization of the country's public transportation sector.

Thanks to the new service of Cyprus Public Transport and the valuable contribution of Cyta which provided its 5G network, the way is open for a new era of connectivity, with higher speeds. Passengers will have the opportunity to use their travel time in a more productive way, completing tasks while on the bus, but also to relax while talking with friends, watching videos, listening to music, or using the Internet in any way they wish. This project was designed and implemented in Cyprus, with the support of Peplink, a leading company in the distribution of products supporting 5G networks worldwide and Comit Solutions, a Cypriot company that undertook the configuration of the fleet’s management platform.

Regarding the new service of Cyprus Public Transport, the CEO of CPT Mr. Julio Tironi said: "Our passengers will be able to save time using the network speeds to carry out their everyday tasks or just to have fun, without experiencing the stress caused by traffic congestion. We are proud that Cyprus Public Transport contributes to the next step of the General Plan of the municipalities and authorities of Cyprus for "smarter" cities and that we are taking part in this project".

The conference was also attended by Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Mr. Yiannis Karousos who underlined the contribution of Cyprus Public Transport to the upgrading of public transportation in Cyprus and the importance of the innovative services adopted by the company for the development of sustainable mobility in the country.

On the part of Cyta, CEO Andreas Neocleous said: "In a few weeks, Cyprus will become the 1st European country with 100% 5G coverage, thanks to the Cyta network. Our collaboration with Cyprus Public Transport (CPT) is a proof of the benefits of the coverage provided by our services and especially of its reliability, since now the passengers of Nicosia and Larnaca can surf seamlessly, using the fastest mobile network in Europe, on every route they do by bus".

The Managing Director of Comit Solutions Mr. Neophytos Eliades remarked that it is very important that such an idea could be transformed into a vision and that there were the synergies so that this vision could take shape. He also expressed his satisfaction that such an innovative project is implemented entirely by a Cypriot team.

The next major project of Cyprus Public Transport is the Nicosia New Route Network, which will be available from 29/01/2022, offering more route options and facilitating passengers to reach their destination comfortably, conveniently and in less time.

For more information about CPT’s new projects, visit: https://publictransport.com.cy